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Creiamo il tuo itinerario personalizzato per rendere la tua vacanza unica! (10).png

Are you planning a vacation to Paris?

We create your personalized itinerary to make your holiday unique!

The best way to organize your trip to Paris and around the world!

A map for every need

MAPPE (1).png


The hardest part of planning a vacation is finding places where to eat that are really good.

We will make this step easier for you with our maps always at your fingertips!

Choose the map that's right for you!

There Traveller's Map unites all those who want to always have a solution at hand to enjoy their holiday.

Check out the maps now:

1.The Foodie: is the perfect map for anyone looking for the best restaurants in the city and who certainly has good taste.

2.The Saver:  is for those who are always looking for a good deal, the right compromise between quality and price.

All the cheapest restaurants, certainly tested and approved by us (For now this version is valid only for the city of Paris ).

3.The Adventurer: is the version for those who never miss a thing when travelling, not even the most secret places.

Here you will find many places to make your trip unique.

The Supreme Traveler: is for those who want a perfect holiday, here you will find all the maps, so as not to miss anything.

How does it work

1.Click on "let's begin Right away" at the top of the site.

2. Log in with the email address you purchased the map with.

3. Click on "Maps" in the Menu bar at the top and choose the map you have purchased.

4. Click on "Open on Google Maps" to see the map in full screen and save it on your Google Maps App to always have it at your fingertips.

Who we are

IMG_5700 2.JPG

Made and designed by Staf and Meri

We are Stefano and Maria Grazia, two guys who share a passion for travel and have lived for 4 years in Paris and now live in New York.

We also make videos on social networks and on our Youtube channel, where we help people organize their vacation in Paris and around the world.

After creating a fantastic community, we decided to create the Traveller's Map, this interactive guide that you can have handy on every trip.

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Are you ready to enjoy your holiday to the fullest?

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